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technical papers

Integrated Understanding of Enhanced Reservoir Properties through Fracturing and Dissolution
Abstract: A major gas accumulation located onshore UAE in the Late Jurassic Arab Formation is currently being developed from eight drilling pads. The field is a large NE-SW trending four-way dip closed anticline. read more

Case Study: from the Late Jurassic Arab Formation in a Large Gas Field, Onshore UAE. read more

Reconstruction of Late Jurassic Oolite Shoal Paleo-environments in a Giant Onshore UAE Gas Field 
Abstract: The Late Jurassic Arab Formation is being developed in a major gas accumulation located onshore southern UAE. The reservoir intervals form a large scale shallowing-upward cycle capped by the widespread Hith anhydrite topseal. read more

The Influence of Relative Sea Level Variation on Depositional Settings of the Late Jurassic Arab Formation in a Giant UAE Gas Field
Abstract: Detailed core description of multiple wells within a giant UAE gas field has enhanced understanding of the depositional make-up and possible controls on depositional style for the Arab Formation. read more

Upper Arab Reservoir Correlation in a Giant UAE Gas Field – Integration of Core, Log, Borehole Image & Pressure Data
Abstract: The Upper Arab interval is a secondary reservoir objective in a major gas field currently under development in onshore Abu Dhabi, UAE. read more

The Shah Gas Development Project: A Lifecycle Approach to the HSEIA Process
The Shah Gas Development (SGD) project is a circa $10 billion complex investment project with non linear multi-package/multi-rig operations. read more   doc   ppt

Accident Rates Estimation Modeling Based on Human Factors Using Fuzzy c-Means Clustering Algorithm
Abstract: This is a reference paper that attempts to use a completely different approach to analyze – accidents. A model was developed for data collected from an accident rate questionnaire filled in by laborers working for a reputable local construction company. read more

Modeling of Fuzzy-based Controller For A Typical Gas Absorber System 
Abstract: This paper presents the research efforts that has been carried out on control of gas absorbers/ gas reactors. Also new approach to fuzzy control design for a gas absorber system has been introduced. read more