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Recruitment Fraud

Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company Ltd. (Al Hosn Gas) has been made aware of scam/fake job offers that are sent by individuals claiming they are:
  • Representatives of Al Hosn Gas or subsidiaries (real or imagined) of Al Hosn Gas.
  • Under contract with Al Hosn Gas or a subsidiary to locate prospective employees for work on projects.
The aforementioned individuals are in no way authorized to act on behalf of Al Hosn Gas, therefore the said offers are completely fake and not valid. We treat such abuse seriously and have already taken steps with competent local law enforcement to investigate and prosecute these kind of illicit activities and by publishing details of such abuses we aim to reduce the opportunities for the scammers to profit from their activities and to prevent individuals falling victim to fraudulent practices.
Therefore, if you receive a request, either electronically or verbally, for an interview of a job offer that you believe is or might be fraudulent or suspicious, please disregard them.
Warning signs of recruitment fraud
The following are some examples of signs of recruitment fraud in violation of Al Hosn Gas’s employment processes and ethical practices:
  • The email address indicated is not sent from an official Al Hosn Gas email which ends by “”, but from a free e-mail service such as: Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo,...
  • The person you are supposed to deal with does not have a direct telephone line / who never answer when you call their number, but return your call later (from a different number).
  • You are asked for private or confidential information.
  • You are asked to interview over the phone or via an instant-messenger type program.
  • You are requested to pay a fee in order to process your visas, work permits etc.
  • You are requested to complete fake recruitment documentation, such as an application or employment visa forms, (the Al Hosn Gas name and logo could be counterfeit and featured on the documentation without authority).
  • Insistence on urgency.
What to do?
ü  Check the contact details of Al Hosn Gas ( ) and compare it to the job offer (phone, address, email)
ü  Under no circumstances send money.
ü  REPORT the case to Al Hosn Gas if you have any doubt that the message you received is a case of fake job offer.  :
We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused by these individuals which are beyond our control and under no circumstances can we be considered liable for any loss or inconvenience resulting from these unauthorized persons and activities.
We remain at your disposal for any clarifications you may need.