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Major Projects

Al Hosn Gas has undertaken the project of developing the Shah Arab field sour gas reservoir. This program has been designated as the Shah Gas Development (SGD) Project. The Field is a large anticline oriented along a NE-SW axis and is located 210 km southwest of Abu Dhabi City.

The SGD Project represents a new era in gas development in Abu Dhabi. The sheer size of the facility and equipment, in addition to the high technology that is used to process the gas and the complexity in constructing such large facility formed a new benchmark in the industry. The facilities designed to process approximately 1,000 MMSCFD of feed gas. The facilities are located in the Liwa Western Region and play a major role in the economy of the region by providing attractive career and training opportunities for UAE nationals and developing local supporting industries and businesses. 

The SGD Project covers four main elements: 

Gas Gathering System

The Gas Gathering System collects the wells stream fluid from the various Shah wells and transports it to Main  Processing Facility.

Main Processing Facility

The Main Processing Facility consists of the gas treatment facilities, Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU’s), Utilities and Off-sites (U&O) including state of the art main control room and plant buildings.

Product Pipelines

New product pipelines are needed to transport gas, condensate and NGL from the Plant to Asab/Habshan area. A separate liquid sulphur pipeline, which is included in the Sulphur Management System and installed to transport the liquid sulphur from Plant to Granulation facility.

Sulphur Management System

Sulphur granulation, storage, and loading facilities were built to convert liquid sulphur into solid granules which are loaded onto Etihad Rail carts for shipping them from the facility to Ruwais where the sulphur are exported via ships.

Main Project Packages

The program is divided into eight main packages:

Package 1:

To develop of the gas gathering system, which covers the construction of the gas gathering pipelines. Awarded to Technicas Reunidas SA and Punj Lloyd Ltd.

Package 2:

Build and construct plant which consists of a process plant that includes inlet separating, four acid gas removal units(AGR), two natural gas liquid (NGL) recovery trains and two condensate hydrotreater trains. Awarded to Saipem..

Package 3:

Build and construct plant which consists of four sulphur recovery units with tail gas treatment units. Awarded to Saipem.

Package 4:

Covers the power interconnection, off-sites and utilities which consists of steam, Nitrogen (N2), firewater system, and flare & blow down. In addition, the on-site included the main control room, fire station and labs. Awarded to Samsung Engineering Co.

Package 5:

To develop and construct product pipelines which consists of 36 inch diameter 127 km gas pipelines, 16 inch diameter 66 km condensate pipelines and 16 inch diameter 66 km NGL pipelines. Awarded to Saipem..

Package 9:

Consists of early works including construction of access roads, plant roads, security fences, rough grading, and support facilities. Awarded to Al Jaber.

Package 10:

Construct the non-process buildings such as main administration building, workshops, warehouses and vehicle maintenance. Awarded to ASCON.

Package 11:

Involves transfer of liquid sulphur to the granulation facility through pipelines. Sulphur management system is installed to transport granulated sulphur to Ruwais via Etihad Rail. Awarded to CCC.